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Rope Access Sealant & Cleaning


Grouting system for high-rise buildings

At present, there are more high-rise buildings in Thailand, including residences, condominiums, dormitories, and commercial buildings such as office buildings. building for civil servants The rate is increasing rapidly, most of which are reinforced concrete buildings with glass and aluminum all around. The structural system includes both prefabricated and cast-in-place structures. cleaning tall buildings, for example Glass cleaning today uses a rappelling method, and replacing glass sealant uses the same method of rappelling. Many of these buildings need a lot of care. Because it is related to the leakage of water into the seam of the glass.

Water leaks through the frame and the glass-to-wall joint.

Leakage around the window frame and the cement wall or between the glass and the window frame. It is very common in Thailand as we are a country with the wettest months in a row. Leaks are often caused by deterioration of the sealant or the glass sealant that is not waterproof, torn, or frayed and therefore needs to be replaced. The selection of materials that will be used to replace the original is also important. If you choose wrong, soon it will leak again. We emphasize that the material must be excellent and highly resistant to sunlight and UV. Another important thing is to choose a rapier who has experience in the work and can follow the complete method statement .


Our services are as follows:

Contractor to clean glass and building

These glass and buildings will get dust and water stains over time. Most of the glass cleaning should be done every year and it is a maintenance to keep the building looking new. For buildings that are rarely maintained, may be cleaned every 2 For years, this glass cleaning is done by rappelling down from the sky with full safety equipment installed. Throw yourself down and clean each glass with a well-fitted tool. with a safety system and working at heights as well along with experienced personnel to make the work more efficient At the heart of abseiling are safety equipment and experienced staff.


Changing grout and deteriorating sealant

From the above introduction, grouts attached to the edge of glass or precast walls will last approximately 5-10 years, after which the grout wears out due to age-related use. The grout should be replaced to prevent water from leaking into the joint area and should be corrected by means of rappelling and grouting. The old stuff should be peeled off completely before firing the new grout. An important factor is that the grout used and the quality of the grout should last a long time to prevent deterioration of the grout. Rainy season should be avoided due to difficult work and strong winds. A full safety system should be installed and space below for users below. This grout spraying is very costly. Should take into account the experience and ability of the grout shooter.

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