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Renovate Bathroom for Elderly

Design and renovation of bathrooms for the elderly
who need help

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bathroom accident

Bathroom accidents for the elderly, people with disabilities and even the general public are more common. Due to various reasons, such as slipping in the bathroom, which is the most common accident Stuck in the bathroom and unable to come out until someone comes in. or Mae Tae being scalded by warm water or unable to open various devices, etc., which is a problem that must be corrected and renovated to have a function that is suitable for the elderly And the more Thai society is going to be an aging society, there are people over 60 years old, more than 10% of the whole country's population. And will be even more due to quality medical care. 



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Properties of SPF (spray polyurethane foam.

  • It has excellent thermal insulation properties.

  • SPF is the lowest thermal insulation in comparison with other materials.

  • When installing the foam, there will be no joints because it is sprayed homogeneously.

  • Excellent adhesion to roofing materials such as metal sheet roofs

  • No moisture or water absorption in the air

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  • industrial plant

  • Gymnasium 

  • stadium

  • warehouse

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various assistive devices

To provide a perfect bathroom for the elderly Of course, there must be additional equipment used in the bathroom. which we have in detail as follows:

1. Handrails, handrails, handrails should be added at various points. such as the toilet area The walkway to the showerroom or the point that you think is necessary is added by the material used in the selection should be durable materials such as ABS Handrail, etc. 


2. Improve the lighting in the bathroom both natural light such as punching holes (if possible) or changing the brightness scale in the room to make it bright enough .

3. Improve various water on and off valves. from the original rotation Or the former with high friction as a lever. large 


4. Water temperature control device When using warm water to prevent overheating

5. Installation of emergency alarm devices or telephones in the event that the elderly have an accident and are unable to leave the bathroom An emergency device can also be used to alert outside helpers.


elderly toilet

Specially used toilets will look higher than normal seats with handrails


shower seat

Installed like this, it's supported. to use

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automatic water faucet

Opt for an automatic faucet. no rotational force required Or choose a faucet with an extra large lever.



The lighting must be sufficiently installed and easy to switch on and off. swiss 

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alarm button

Install alarm devices in the event of an emergency.



install handrails Necessary areas around the bathroom

Please contact me below for renovation of your Bathroom

Line ID: orlanmax
Mobile: 089-545-6452

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