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Single ply membrane - PVC/TPO

High quality waterproofing sheet type PVC/TPO

PVC membrane waterproofing system

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PVC membrane waterproof Produced with the main raw materials are Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, was first used in European countries. It started around the 1960s and is used more and more widely today. The highlight of this product is that it has a very long service life, which is more than 15-20 years. We can call it a high quality waterproofing material. Durable in all weather conditions, resistant to sunlight, able to reflect heat. Chemical resistant and flame retardant 

It works well for roofs that have a lot of joints, such as roofs made of precast concrete. or flat roof, flat roof, durable with long immersion in water Easy to check for leaks 

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Features of PVC waterproof membrane

  • Very durable and has a very long service life of 10-20 years. This is the best advantage of this type of waterproofing system.

  • non-flammable

  • Flexibility in all weather conditions

  • Withstands daily temperature changes 

  • Resistant to mechanical resistance

  • Resistant to penetration

  • 100% moisture and water resistant, no penetration

  • can support the movement of the building high

  • Resistant to external use and UV rays

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Installation of PVC waterproof membrane

Use a hot air blower to install the PVC membrane joint .

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Advantages of PVC waterproofing system ( PVC/TPO Membrane )

Advantages of PVC waterproofing system ( PVC/TPO Membrane )

  • environmentally friendly

  • high durability Resistant to age decay

  • Versatile Can be used with insulation such as E ( EPS XPS )

  • Lightweight, weighing approximately 0.9 kg/ml

  • Guaranteed work

  • Can be installed at both low temperatures and high temperature

  • safe to install This material does not produce exhaust gases in operation. no smoke or sparks to work

  • easy installation

  • fast installation

  • Can be installed and ready to use immediately.