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Spray waterproofing system



Polyurea, polyurea waterproofing system

Polyurea in waterproofing and surface protection is recognized as the best material today. Waterproof & Protective Coating: It dries quickly and activates almost immediately after installation, and another feature is excellent durability in various conditions.


The history of polyurea began in 1990, its inventor was the chemist Mark S. Barton. and Mark Schlichter (from  a heat-catalyzed spray system of hisocyanate and ami. noresin Mixing and reacting of both materials requires accelerated heating and high pressure spraying with a settling time of a few seconds. It is a two-part material as shown below, packed only in a 200 liter drum. The material and installation are costly compared to other waterproofing materials.



Features of polyurea waterproofing system

What is polyurea waterproofing system? It is a 2-part waterproofing material that does not contain solvents. When dry, it is 100% solid material, no splattering or eruption. disfigure It has high chemical resistance and high mechanical resistance properties. And the most important point is ultra fast curing or very fast curing condition since installation.  

  • Tensile strength > 20 /mm2

  • Elongation > 350 %

  • Solid content 100%

  • Hardness Shore A > 95

  • Tack free time 5 seconds

  • Mechanical load 24 hours


type of polyurea

  1. Pure Polyurea is made by mixing two types of resins, Isocyanate and Polyamide, and no other mixtures. This makes Pure Polyurea the best results and mechanical and durability compared to others. It has the highest technical characteristics in comparison and, most importantly, is quite expensive. but in exchange for the durability Lasts for 20 -30 years or more, divided into two types: Aliphatic and Aromatic.

  2. Hybrid Polyurea (Hybrid Polyurea) is made by mixing two types of resins, Isocyanate and Polyamide, same as Pure Polyurea, but reduced and added to Polyol, which is a substance contained in Polyurethane with reduced properties. come and is more affordable Cannot be used in tanks that require prolonged waterlogging 

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Advantages of polyurea materials

The growth of polyurea which is the material both physical properties, mechanical properties There is also a very fast set-up. which reduces construction time We've put together some of the feature highlights. put it below

1. Ultra fast curing is the most demanded feature by users, is the speed of installation and curing and curing. Walking dryness takes only minutes. and can be activated normally within hours This property of both pure polyurea and hybrid polyurea has approximately the same settling value. Construction today demands both speed and quality. which, if compared to other waterproofing materials, there is no one comparable with polyurea

2. Chemical resistance and mechanical properties When the polyurea is completely cured will look like a homogeneous joint no pressure No evaporation or deterioration of the material over time. Yo can withstand even the force of an explosion. or resistant to highly concentrated acids Therefore, it is used to coat ponds that need to store various chemicals.

3. Excellent waterproofing properties (Waterproofing) and protect the surface. The use of polyurea in the form of use is to be used as the best waterproofing material such as roofs, decks, bridges, tunnels, water tanks. This material can also protect the surface. 


4. Easy installation and excellent adhesion. The installation of polyurea waterproofing is a high-value installation. high value material And the installation uses a horizontal spray in the direction of the area. Can be sprayed on a variety of surfaces such as wood, plastic, ceramic It has excellent adhesion even with some moisture and does not require reinforcing mesh fabrics because the material has a very high tensile strength so it is difficult to break.

5. Lasts for many years Polyurea materials can last up to 20-50 years depending on the thickness and system design. It is the longest-lasting waterproofing material, all due to the properties of polyurea.


6. Maintain the environment Polyurea is a 100%  expensive polyurea. Polyurea material is a long-term investment and a worry-free one-time payment. The answer is true because compared to other waterproofing materials. in terms of properties and light durability No material can compare with polyurea. Compare the cost and life expectancy of the polyurea light material to the raw material in large investment.

Polyurea and various industries

  • ​The Automobile and Machinery Industry - Polyurea Spraying has been around for over 30 years for coating metal surfaces for abrasion and impact resistance. (impact resistance), which requires a durable coating material. Especially in the mining industry where there are tools and equipment involved in the crushing of rubble and materials that are heavy on machines.

  • Pipe and gas pipeline industry - Pipes that are transported require corrosion resistance and high pressure resistance. including pumps, valves and measuring equipment They are exposed to chemicals, gases, corrosive materials that need to be used. All polyurea coated because no other material is as resistant to corrosion.

  • Military Industry - The material requires explosion resistance and high heat resistance. An outer coating is applied to absorb the force of a blast. 

  • Various Infrastructures - Concrete and Steel Infrastructures Such as  bridges, treatment ponds, tunnels, large foundations, ports, steel tanks for chemical storage.  I want to protect the surface for a very long life of 50-100 years.

  • Structures that require 100% waterproofing - the best waterproofing is polyurea.



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