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The need for fireproof paint on steel structures

Structural steel is increasingly used as the main structure of buildings such as warehouses, factories, buildings, etc., due to its good strength properties in both tensile and compression (tension & compression), which makes the structural design more efficient. Light weight, quick installation The problem, therefore, is that when steel is heated or heated to higher temperatures, it deforms and loses its strength properties. For example, a steel structure exposed to temperatures above 500°C will deform and lose its strength in a matter of minutes. and will eventually collapse quickly. When heat is the weak point That's the question of whether it is necessary for us to do a fireproof coating on the steel structure. 

Fireproof paint has the properties we need.

  1. Can withstand fire for up to 120 minutes.

  2. The additional time allowed the structure to be able to withstand the load.

  3. When the structure is still in place, it can give rescuers enough time to rescue people trapped inside the building.



Fireproof paint can be divided into 2 types.

We categorize the types of fireproof paints according to the performance characteristics of each type of paint, which are different. Intumescent coating and fire retardent coating can be fired for different durations of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90. minutes and 120 minutes according to the building control law

  • Fire retardent paint is a type of fire retardant paint that is widely used in many countries. The nature of the work is when heat or flame from a fire. This type of paint emits a gas to cover the coated surface.

  • Intumescent coating when applied to the surface and heated or flamed. The coating will insulate the coated surface like solid foam insulation, which is responsible for protecting the inner surface from rising temperatures.


Intumescent Coating can be divided into 2 types.

  1. Thin film is used for general structural building applications.

  2. Thick film is used for applications where there is a high risk of fire, such as oil storage facilities.

Instumescent Coating can be divided into 3 types according to material type.

  1. Water-based fireproof paint 

  2. oil-based fireproof paint

  3. Epoxy based fireproof paint

Test Result Standard ASTM E-119 Fire Tests of  Building Construction and Materials


Fire resistanece
30 - 60 - 90 - 120 - 180 min

fireproof coating.jpg

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