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Polished concrete & Floor Hardener

Polished cement floor and hard floor


Floor hard polished floor system

Floor Hardener 

There are two types of polished floor systems: polished floors that are done while the concrete is not yet dry. Also known as floor hard (Floor Hardener) and another type is The polished floor is done after the concrete has set. and cured successfully We will talk about the two types of polished cement floor as follows.

Floor Hardener

This kind of polished floor The material is powdery. There are a variety of colors to choose from such as green, grey, red, natural colours. The polished mortar is sprinkled with floor hard powder on 100% fresh concrete with approximately 80% curing time. will use a copter type sander Sanding on unset surfaces By sanding on the sprinkled mortar by sanding in either direction. polished at the same rate The rate of use of floor hard mortar depends on the strength of the designed surface. The more polished mortar is used, the stronger the cement floor will be. Florhard mortar powder usage rates range from 3-7 kg/m2. Florhard mortar powder can be used at the same rate per 1 sq m. of floor area, polished and left to the concrete. set And completely dry for about 24 hours, then curing the concrete with concrete curing agent. or the agreed method of curing concrete


Surface characteristics of floor hardener polished mortar

will look smooth There are colors according to the choice of floor hard plaster. The skin is matte no luster Can be used as a surface that is resistant to abrasion. Hardness of floor hard polished plaster The polished mortar has a hardness based on the MOH test of approximately 8-9.


maintenance and the use of floor hardener polished mortar

Cleaning can be done with regular cleaners. Do not use alkaline or highly acidic solution. Maintain the same surface as concrete surface. can coat the wax on the polished surface and can be scrubbed with a scrubber If cracks are found on the cement surface, repair by means of structural repair.

Advantages Color flake floor 

Color flake floor, the advantage that we must talk about first is durability for use. Compared to other types of flooring, flake flooring will last many times longer. And it also has low maintenance costs compared to other types of flooring such as rubber tiles or ceramic tiles. or even a polished stone That is quite fragile 

Next is beauty compared to other areas And this type of floor will give a lot more shine than other types of floors. It can also be coated on the surface to have more gloss after use for a period of time.

Another point is that there are no joints, no fungus accumulation. and easier to clean than other types of floors


Pattern and system Color flake floor 

The installation of the Color flake floor involves several steps. Each layer has a different maximum used. We have separated each layer in detail. As in the picture below 

Layer 1 Prepare the surface.

Concrete surfaces must be in excellent condition without pores, cracks or excess moisture. And surface preparation means polishing, grinding, finishing, giving a good surface. suitable for bonding resin

2nd floor, floor bellow

when a good concrete surface is obtained Therefore, the foundation is made with a type of material. Epoxy resin, clear, 1 coat. Check that the primed surface is adequate. If not enough, apply one more coat of foundation.

3rd layer Base Coat 

This layer is the texture layer that will support the surface of the vinyl flake chips, which is like the middle layer that needs to be thickened for the flake to adhere to. 

4th layer, Flake layer (size 1/4")

This layer spreads the flake over the base coat that has not completely dried to allow the flake to adhere.

Level 5: Top Coat layer

The surface coating layer has a tough and uniform surface, usually using Polyurethane clear coating.

1 or 2 trips, if 2 trips are recommended


Color flake floor installation 


partial broadcast


full broadcast

The amount of flake chips sprinkled also gives a different texture. Before starting work, it should be carefully selected and identified. But in most cases it is recommended to install full broadcast.


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