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Carbon fiber reinforcement

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CFRP strengthening

CFRP, short for carbon fiber reinforced polymer, is a method of reinforcing structures using two composite materials to be reinforced or reinforced to resist earthquakes. It is the latest method or technology of structural reinforcement that is popular today. The carbon fiber material has the advantage of providing high strength and light weight compared to the unit weight. and make the structure more durable Reinforcement can be applied to a wide variety of structural parts such as beams, floors, columns or foundations. 

Carbon fiber designs and installations are currently based on the ACI ACI standard 440.2R .

Excellent Strength

Light weight

CFRP Capabilities

Before the development of carbon fiber materials Designers or design engineers have reinforced the structure, whether to increase the strength. repair or even to resist earthquakes for example Reinforcing the structure by using sheet steel as a composite material can bear increased loads such as axial load, flexural or shear. It is a conventional system which takes quite a long time to install. It takes a lot of manpower to install. Or divide the structure by increasing the thickness of concrete has been done before.

As material technology has evolved, choosing a material that offers high strength, light weight and easy installation has resulted in CFRP carbon fiber reinforcement as an additional option. This material has the following capabilities or advantages over traditional materials:

  • Has the ability to receive high strength Carbon fiber has a tensile strength of approximately 30000 ksc compared to a conventional steel plate with a tensile strenth of 400 ksc.

  • Light weight compared to sheet steel

  • Can resist the force caused by earthquake or seismic vibration

  • When installing carbon fiber The structure will be more durable, its service life will increase.

Fiber Strength = 4900 MPa
Fiber Modulus = 230 Gpa

Types of Carbon Fiber

There are three types of carbon fiber materials used in reinforcements that are commonly used today.

1. Carbonf Fiber Fabric / Sheets is a carbon fiber material, a type of fiber cloth or similar to a woven cloth. Used in conjunction with epoxy resin in coordination with the structure and can be used with structures of various shapes because it can be wrapped in many forms Not much thickness


2. Carbon Fiber Strip / Plate is carbon fiber reinforced material in plate type with a thickness of 1.2 millimeters.resemblewire used with epoxy that is characterizedMortar to be used to adhere to the structure     

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cfrp strip.jpg

2. Carbon Fiber ROD is a rod-type reinforced carbon fiber material. rebar Most are extracted and embedded into the structure .


Portfolio of CFRP installation